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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mormon Helping Hands Project, Lusaka, Zambia

 Saturday morning, July  27th marks the start of the Mormon Helping Hands Project in Lusaka District for 2013.  Lusaka Rotary club is helping with funding and the project is to help refurbish the Manda Hill Police Post.  Uneven ground around the building with lots of rubble and trash will be cleaned, leveled and replaced with gravel.  Inside the holding cell, a network of reinforced steel bars above the ceiling will increase the security. Broken ceiling boards will be replaced and painted.  New plumbing will be installed and new light fixtures and outlets. 
Sister keeping track of those Elders in the holding cell!

President Myondi installs an electrical outlet.

For a volunteer cleaner there is certainly job security here! The Police post also affords temporary storage for wrecked vehicles and other wreckage.

Relief Society President sweeps the yard.

Rubble removed to make the ground more smooth for gravel.
Getting the trash into bags.

Taking a break....part of a wonderful group of hard working people!

Drilling holes above the ceiling to install the steel rod network that will ensure security in the holding cell.

Sydney takes his turn with the drill.

Pres. Liyali making holes in preparation for the rods.

Tired but already making plans for how they will work next week.

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