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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birds and Beasts

We took a small vacation from our Missionary duties and took a 3 day trip to Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park on the Botswana side.  We went with another couple, the Harveys, who also serve in our mission.  They are originally from Canada.  What a fun time we had!  These two little wire tailed swallows accompanied our boat as we started out to tour the Chobe River.

Crocodile sighting....the boat pulls up close....

Close enough to get a good shot of those teeth!

Hippo family at rest except for the baby who wasn't so sure he wanted his picture taken and tried to hide between the others.  Hippos are really big....even the babies.

Water monitor lizard over 2 feet long....he blends with the surroundings.

This guy doesn't blend.  There are over 50,000 elephants in Chobe National Park....they are everywhere!

In the afternoon we went in a jeep to see the animals from the land...more elephants were out to swim and cool off.  Such a beautiful day....nice breeze....beautiful sky and animals!

It was fun to watch them play in the water.  One got a little frisky and chased our jeep....enough excitement to last me awhile!

A mother and cute....we were close enough to see the eyelashes.

A red billed hornbill looks a little ornery about having me I back off....nice sharp beak.
The Harveys, our fun traveling companions.

This monkey was happy to pose until Elder Harvey touched his tail.

There were baboons along the trail to the falls.  They didn't seem to mind being around the people there.

Dr. Livingston I presume!

This is some kind of the park near the falls.

I think this is a white egret.

This blacksmith plover doesn't seem too worried about the crocodile on the beach.

Not sure what this little colorful bird was named.  I need a bird book.

Another colorful bird....I love the birds of Africa!

A Pied Kingfisher.

Helmeted Guineafowl....I'm quite fond of these for some reason.

I love the colors of the birds!

Zebras and a giraffe blending into the background.

This was Sister Harvey's favorite spot...seeing Zebra and Giraffe up close!  A last minute stop on our way home.

The giraffe is really, really tall.
The zebra seems quite tame.
Goodbye to blacksmith plover.....maybe we will come and see you again!