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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mozambique! A beautiful Place!

Along the beach there were various kinds of fabrics and clothing being sold always blowing in the colorful!

Thursday afternoon after we arrived it began to be cloudy and rainy, but still the view of the Indian Ocean from our Hotel room was awesome!

Fishing boats were anchored along the shore as a storm was coming in.  The water got high with the waves splashing over the barrier by the road in some places.  The ocean is amazing to watch.

Here were some people fishing...the poles were somehow anchored out a little ways.

Inspiring meetings with the great Church Leaders in Maputo.

Looks like an English Garden in this Portuguese speaking country. Lots of trimmed hedges to make a pattern that you could walk into.  My brother Ben would like this.   My Dad would like the fountain in the middle.
Out to set up shop to sell their cooking.

A clothing store along the beach.

Handy cloth "capella" (chetanga in Zambia) can be used to carry bundles on the head or babies on the back or can be used as a skirt or as a jacket. 

Finally a sunny day and the tide is out so there is a large sandy beach.  Lots of people are out to just to enjoy, many others are fishing, trying to earn their living from the sea.

More people on the beach.

We traveled this road back and forth from the mission home to the town, notice the little 3 wheeled vehicle in front of us...handy to get around town.

Coconuts for sale everywhere.  I thought of my brother Garth and how he used to crack one for us each Sunday afternoon when we were kids.  He would love it here.

A peaceful and beautiful place.  We are learning to love Mozambique.