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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mission Moving Daze...

 I haven't posted for awhile because we have been so busy.   Sometime last March we were given an extra duty to help care for the mission housing.   Along with Public Affairs keeps us going!   One day we helped prepare an apartment or "flat" for another senior couple.  We worked with the office elders....who kept us happy and moving through a very long day!  About a week later the mission closed a flat that had Elders in it and opened a new one, along with some transfers, so we were at it again....this time with more Elders and much more to move!

Elder Shurtz moves the frig around in the truck after he and Elder Stewart just hoisted it in.  How are these two slender Elders so strong?
Elders Shurtz, Louthan, and Stewart packing it in!

No, no, don't smash Elder Shurtz in there!

Arranging it all neatly.
Moving a king sized mattress the African way!
Elder Lyle helps Shurtz with the drapes....nice that they don't need a stool!

Styrofoam wars!

Stewart and Shurtz have just assembled the couch : )
Elder Hontyo arranging his load of desks and chairs...I tease him that it looks like an "African" load!  (You have never seen a loaded truck until you have seen an African one....the truck disappears under the load sometimes.)
Somehow it will all fit....just need to tie it in!
Elder Cook calculates, how many more loads from this house?
Elder Hontyo successfully ties it all in!
Ah....a stowaway!   Elder Stewart, tired, loves this mattress!   We love these hard working and fun loving missionaries! What a pleasure it is to work with such fine young men!


  1. Looks like fun and a lot work! Good thing you have the missionaries there to help!

  2. If anybody could do these jobs you guys certainly could ! You are Wonderful Vonda ! Great example !