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Monday, August 12, 2013

Grateful for Granddaughter

Our granddaughter, Tailor, has recently posted on her blog (the Girl in about her joy in gardening.  She has been gardening at our home and it gave me such joy to find that she enjoys gardening like I do. 

It made me think of her other wonderful traits....some of which come from her father and some come from her mother through Bruce and me I think.  Many good traits she has chosen to develop on her own.  These righteous choices and resultant good traits that we recognize in our children and grandchildren and even others that we sort of "adopt" throughout the world are the things that make life worth living.  They give us hope for the future even after we are gone.

Tailor asked me to post pictures of our garden here in Zambia.  When we were first here, I took pictures of things...beautiful flowers, unusual sights, and animals.  Now I notice almost all my pictures have people that I've grown to know and love here.  Even our garden pictures here include our gardener, Reuben, who works for us a little to save money for his mission. it is springtime in August : )

Peas and cabbages with our year old flowering bushes in the back.

This Aloe plant was a house plant that one of the Young Sisters threw away.....we just stuck it into the ground and it grew!   It has tripled in size.


Our Yellow Flowering Bush, didn't ever know it's real name.

Reuben weeding...behind him is the guava tree and my favorite flowering bush in front are the grasses he brought and started for us last year.

Reuben and the flowers.  Reuben works as a Jr. police officer at the bus station and on his day off, he helps us.  He is saving to go on a mission.  He is really the best part of the garden.

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