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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lusaka Baja!

These kids always wave when we go by, they always look happy!

We are starting to realize what the rainy season is really like!  4 inches of water on the road, this one is paved.

The road leading to our house....where are our Grandsons?  I miss them today!   They would love to go "muddin" here!

Corner by our house...there is always a puddle but today...Baja! 
Elder Shields and Elder Louthan on a tour of the city's Branch Chapels

Looking across the street from the Chapel above.  Such a beautiful time as the storm clears away!

Near another chapel.  The youngster on the left saw me taking a picture and did a great dance! Notice the traditional baby carrier and in the background is a community water place.  There are several faucets and people came to fill up containers.  

Amazing African Hairdos!

These girls are in their school uniforms waiting for a pizza.  They all had cute braids.

These were more of a spiral twist...very cute.  Notice her friend has more of a western hairstyle.  You can buy hair straightening irons here but hard to find a curler!

Cute little girl at church.

The girl checking us out at the grocery store.  She has thousands of tiny little braids!

She said it took 3 people 4 hours to do it.

This is another girl from church.  She has kind of short hair but the braids are amazing!
Everywhere I go I see amazing braided or as they say here, plaited hairdos that I love.  I've stopped complete strangers to ask if they mind if I put their picture on my blog.  They are usually pretty happy to comply. Wish I could show the cute babies that I've seen with cute little braids and colorful beads on the ends. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The closest shopping center, pretty nice!

The ATM where you can get 1,000,000 Kwachas ($200.00) with a $5.00 transaction fee.  Elder Louthan waits patiently.  See the guard behind him?  There is always a guard at the ATM's.
Not such a good photo but you can see the shops at the side of the road and the Combes which are little busses that people crowd into....they go all over town but without schedules or timetables....sort of the luck of the draw.

For Chloe, I knew she would love these pink ties! The young elders are all great!

This is the dry cleaner, shoe repair, key making shop.  Had that great smell of a shoe repair shop!   

You can't really tell from any pictures, but there are lots of people walking at the side of the road always, and the roads are narrow.  The truck in front of us had guys riding in the back which is not at all unusual. 

Sisters at church.  I like how they carry the babies in the scarf.  I don't see any falling seems to work pretty well.