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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Morning Commute!

Driving around Malawi we saw an amazing morning commute.   Here is just a small sampling of life on the road in the morning.  By the way, the air is clear....not so many exhaust fumes.  People who are commuting are very fit, but I guess life here is sometimes survival of the fittest.  That said, if you smile and wave, you will almost always get a beautiful smile in return.....people here are friendly and for the most part, happy.

A bike-load of baskets...just try to pass a load like that when a car is in the other lane!  Those yellow flowering trees on the side are Elder Louthan's favorite!

Highway department crew chopping down brush at the side of the hand, with a type of machete.  It is the cold season now or we would say fall.   Temps are still 75 degrees F during the day but nights get down to mid 40s.  So grasses have turned dry...some trees in the hills are changing colors...although not many lose their leaves.  It seems strange to us to have fall weather in May, but we are on the other side of the world!

Hauling by ox-cart.

Everyone has something to take to the market....some walk miles and miles.

His load of sticks is taller than he is.

Loads of charcoal, to sell for cooking stoves, a sack on one end and mesh on the other to hold in the charcoal.  It is for sale all along the roadways. 

He has a passenger, so he qualifies for the commuter lane!  Notice the passenger sits side saddle.....amazing!

Small town.

A boy with the family cattle.  A common sight along the road.
A load of brush or thatch maybe.
Another load of brush.



 Malawi in the Fall!


Malawi....sounds like Hawaii and is similar in many ways....gorgeous weather, friendly people, great water....just don't get in....crocodiles! 

Here are some photos from last weeks trip to Malawi.  We went with the Visicks, who are short term specialists in the Helping Babies Breathe training that the Church gives all over the world.  We were helping them to get around while they made the arrangements with the Minister of Health, Save the Children, and other partners.

We took a 2 hour boat trip on the way back after everything was!

Very good people cooperate to "Help Babies Breathe"

View of a village from the hospital in Chiradzulu.
Dr Visick (a pediatrician from Logan) and wife Liz with Nurse Administrators.

Louthan's at Hippo Lodge (boat dock)
Only a moments hesitation, the boat looks safe.

These hippos are really big!  Slow on land, faster in water.

Native fishermen in their homemade cool!
Identify these birds....

Everyone loved the elephants!

Thanks to Dr. Visick and his telephoto lens we have some good photos of the elephants!

There were at least 32 majestic!

We are headed right into the Hippo community!

This one wants to visit with us!

So they are leaving after all, big waves!
Wait!  Who is driving the boat?!!?      Great time at the Lake!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Copperbelt District Conference, Zambia

District Pres. Chishimba and wife

Pres. Kapato and wife

Happy Conference attendees

President Renlund with some children.
We have made two trips to the Copperbelt Area of Zambia this month.  It is about a 5 hour drive North from Lusaka.  The road is 2 lane all the way with the usual hazards of people walking, riding bikes, and broken vehicles in the roadway.  The trip is well worth any anxiety getting there as the people are wonderful in the Kitwe District, and the place we stayed this trip was delightful.  District Conference with Southeast Africa Area President Renlund and his wife Ruth was wonderful to attend.  We also stayed in the same lodge so we were able to visit with them.  What great people....we listened and are still contemplating things that we learned.
When asked if it was hard to give up their practices (President Renlund was a heart surgeon doing transplants, and Sister Renlund an attorney)  they said no, they had already made that decision.  The decision to always do what was asked of them.  When called by a prophet there was no vacillation, no regrets, they just said yes and started to prepare to leave.  We are blessed to have them here!
Kitwe District Presidency

Beautiful mother with baby.

Young women of Zion, and their leader
Lilies at Lowden Lodge

President and Sister Renlund, President and Sister Padovich

Sister Renlund greeting young sister and one of our dynamite missionaries.
Elder Louthan and the Lemons

Lowden Lodge Gardens