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Monday, September 10, 2012

Zambia's National Measles Campaign!

Zambia does it up proud at the Launch!

We have been part of the Social Mobilization Committee of the National Measles Campaign.  This year's campaign is the largest they have ever had in Zambia.  They are hoping to immunize over 6 million children.  All children age 6 mo. to 15 years are invited to come to the  nearest clinic for a free immunization.  There are at least 11 partnering organizations to fund and help with activities of this campaign.  There was a huge celebration of the launch is like a major holiday.....incredible!

The members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been busy all week taking fliers advertising the campaign into the neighborhoods.   There were over 100,000 fliers distributed by our members!  This week members will be helping in the clinics.  It is a huge sacrifice of time but a large percentage of the members will be helping.  It will take another blog to show the work in the clinics.

First a few photos of the activities leading up to this point....The meetings started in February.
Deepa, Elicah and James.....Meetings!

Workers at the Golden Rhino, making aprons for the nurses.

The Golden Rhino sewing factory.

Workers cut out more aprons!

1500 aprons for nurses donated by the church.

Elder Louthan & Pres. Lumbama  at the Stakeholders meeting. Just the day before this meeting we found the Campaign would be postphoned for the 2nd time, from July to September due to late shipments of syringes.

Branch Pres. Liyali of Lilanda Branch where they went the extra mile making their own advertising banner posted on the wall of the chapel grounds.  Also because the campaign was postphoned, the fliers had to be reprinted with new dates.  This branch handed out the new fliers and then changed the dates on the old fliers (thousands) and handed them out too.   Pres. Liyali said "it is because we are afraid of the measles, that disease kills our children."  What a great man!

Measles poster advertises on a Combie. 

Ad at the Mall  (Thanks Manda Hill and Elder and Sister Bowers!)

Elder Bowers and Pres. Padovich at the Mall handing out fliers.

Pres. Padovich and Missionaries at the Arcades Mall hand out fliers.

The "Soc Mob" or Social Mobilization Committee at the Ministry office. This was one of the final meetings before the launch.

And finally we are here, getting ready for the Parade and the Launch which is outdoors across from the Chawama Health Clinic, Elder Louthan, Dr. Mudenda of the Lions Club, Koji Soneka, the artist who designed the fliers, banners, etc.

Wendy Bowers with Idah Zulu Lishandi, a nurse who was in the Helping Babies Breathe Training last February....she recognized us!  She has gone on to train is good!

The Parade is ready to begin!

Dr Katema, Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health speaks to the crowd just before the parade starts.

The band!

The majorettes!

The Health Care Workers.

Health Care Workers....a large group!

The Zambia Lions Club....the best kind of Lions in Zambia!
Red Cross of Zambia, followed by Elder Louthan and Sister Bowers.

The crowd circled the Launch area.
Native Dancer Entertains!

The reason for all this....the Children of Zambia!

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