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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'll go where you want me to go!

These photos were taken at the couples seminar, Zambia Lusaka Mission.  Some of the best missionaries anywhere!
Elder and Sister Bowers, humanitarian missionaries from California.  They have served in DR Congo for their first year and have recently been transferred down to Lusaka Zambia so they could help here and in Malawi also.

Elder and Sister Harvey from Canada serving as Member Leadership Support missionaries in the Copperbelt region of northern Zambia.

Elder and Sister Bullock just finishing their 2nd mission to Africa.  They served in Zimbabwe and then Malawi where they have seen amazing growth in the Church.  On both missions in the mission presidency!  They are from Canada.

Elder and Sister Lookhart (they "look to the heart") from Idaho. New counselor in the mission presidency.  They are the tireless office-vehicle-maintenance of apartments, couple here in Lusaka.
Elder and Sister Shields from Canada. They have served as Seminary and Institute missionaries for a year here in Lusaka, they will soon be moving to Malawi to serve as Member Leadership Support missionaries for their 2nd year.

Elder and Sister Prete from Canada.  Counselor in Mission Presidency serving in Malawi.

Your's truly, Elder and Sister Louthan from Utah. Public Affairs Specialists in this mission as well as the Mozambique mission.

Our Mission President!  Pres. and Sister Padovich from California.  Great Leaders!
All the couples in the Zambia Lusaka Mission!

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