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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lusaka Baja!

These kids always wave when we go by, they always look happy!

We are starting to realize what the rainy season is really like!  4 inches of water on the road, this one is paved.

The road leading to our house....where are our Grandsons?  I miss them today!   They would love to go "muddin" here!

Corner by our house...there is always a puddle but today...Baja! 
Elder Shields and Elder Louthan on a tour of the city's Branch Chapels

Looking across the street from the Chapel above.  Such a beautiful time as the storm clears away!

Near another chapel.  The youngster on the left saw me taking a picture and did a great dance! Notice the traditional baby carrier and in the background is a community water place.  There are several faucets and people came to fill up containers.  

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