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Monday, December 12, 2011

We are at the Mission Training Center.  It is a wonderful place to be, especially at Christmastime.  We have a beautiful, new room, in a new building.  The decorations are beautiful.  Everyone here seems happy, there is a wonderful spirit and lots of energy.  The energy comes mainly from the young 19 and 21 year old missionaries.  Especially at mealtimes....It is amazing to see over a thousand young men, some young women and some senior missionaries all eating all they want.  They have it very well organized and it doesn't even seem that noisy in the cafeteria.  The food is wonderful!  We have enjoyed meeting the other couples.  They have amazing stories, some serving their 4th missions!  They are going all over the world, serving in capacities from member training to facilities maintenance to area presidency executive secretaries.  We are the only public affairs missionaries in our group, but there is one other couple going to Africa as member support missionaries.

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  1. Your week in the MTC has gone by so quickly. Our wonderful calendar says that you fly out tomorrow. You will be in our thoughts and prayers all day. We are eager to see the pictures you post when you arrive and to hear about your adventures in traveling. We love you! Thank you for the update.