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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 We are constantly finding ourselves grateful for things we enjoy in America....that we might be missing when we travel to Zambia.  The most important is family.  We all congregated for Thanksgiving and had a fun time.  Here are some random photos that give a general idea of the fun we had and things we are grateful for.
Granddaughter who shows love!

Daughter-in-law and Baby C excited  for Christmas!
Beautiful Daughter-in Laws

Happy Babies:)

Happy New Dads - Good Sons

Ahh....Time to Rest!

Zambia here at home!

Babies are like heaven for Grandma

Little cuties!


Good, brisk, walks!

Happy granddaughter!

Wonders of the world and wonderful son and grandson!

Happy healthy grandson!

Fun times with family!

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