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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Johannesburg Public Affairs Training

Our group at the training in Johannesburg.  New Public Affairs director Sean Donnally, front and center.  This is the first time we have been reunited with the other 3 couples that trained in SLC with us and came to Africa at the same time we came.  The Roberts, right of us, the Pugmires and the Hatches.  We also met the Murdocks, serving in Durban South Africa from Monticello, near our home.  We were also privileged to meet the Howes.  Sister Howes is the one we work with when submitting articles for the Liahona and for the area website.   Our trainers from Salt Lake City were incredibly good and the four men who will be the webmasters in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda picked up the technical part very quickly. 
Our trainers and Bro. Donally with the Public Affairs leaders from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda.

Some training was held at an African type of Pioneer Village.

Pioneer only nicer!

Thatched roofs can be really beautiful.

We watched from the patio as animals came to drink from the pond.

Elder Louthan feeds the Elephant.

The Elephant takes an apple from his mouth!

The elephants come to drink.

Kudu we think...
The Howes (Johannesburg) and the Pugmires (Kenya) consider the menu.

The Murdocks cover part of South Africa, Madagascar and a few other smaller countries.

The Hatches have been our supervisors in the Area Office.

The Roberts cover Botswana, Namibia, parts of South Africa.

Romina from SLC, trains the country Public Affairs representatives who will be starting their own country newsrooms.  All were quick to catch on and almost ready to go on-line immediately!

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