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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lusaka District Fun Day

Missionaries and investigator excited for the big day!

Elder Louthan talks to Elder Lookhart who is getting ready to referee the match.

Reuben and Angela, both from Munali!

Sister Boitumelo was one of the few Sisters who could play with the guys, notice that some players don't wear shoes.

The missionaries team plans a strategy.
Reuben has control of the ball!

The crowd gathers

The match begins!

Lusaka District Fun Day!
A Soccer tournament was the main attraction at the 4th annual Lusaka district fun day.  The seven branches in Lusaka, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were paired off with each other and a team of young missionaries.  Some had been practicing for weeks to be prepared for the big day. 
It was like a three ring circus with three matches being played at once.  Fans filled large bleachers on both sides of the field.  Matero vs. Lusaka,  Misssionaries vs. Lilanda,  Munali vs. Chianama,  and Woodlands vs. Libala started out the first level.   It was a rugged, lose one and you are out tournament.  The second round competition was narrowed down to  Lilanda vs. Woodlands and  Matero vs. Munali.  Finally,  Munali and Lilanda fought for the title.  There was pressure and a disputed goal but the referee finally ruled that the score was tied at the end of the final match.  
During the soccer games, there were other activities spread out over the large sport complex at the International School.   There was basketball and netball, frizbe, and even music and dancing.   Younger children seemed happy with their own smaller soccer games and making up other games of their own.  Everyone seemed happy to enjoy the beautiful weather and good company.  A luncheon was prepared and served to over 600 attendees. 
At the end of the day the group lined up on one end of the field and walked to the other end picking up trash and making sure the complex was even cleaner than when they arrived.  An awesome end to a fun day!

Younger kids are just as serious as the older ones about soccer.

Game after game, we are amazed at the endurance.

Matero branch uniforms were helping hands!

Sister Mayeya, Sister Louthan, and Sister Mukondia of Munali Branch.

Over 600 were fed.....seemed like 5000!

These kids like to pose for photos!

Mothers and Daughters!
Cleaning up the field at the end of the day!

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