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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Malawi....sounds like Hawaii and is similar in many ways....gorgeous weather, friendly people, great water....just don't get in....crocodiles! 

Here are some photos from last weeks trip to Malawi.  We went with the Visicks, who are short term specialists in the Helping Babies Breathe training that the Church gives all over the world.  We were helping them to get around while they made the arrangements with the Minister of Health, Save the Children, and other partners.

We took a 2 hour boat trip on the way back after everything was!

Very good people cooperate to "Help Babies Breathe"

View of a village from the hospital in Chiradzulu.
Dr Visick (a pediatrician from Logan) and wife Liz with Nurse Administrators.

Louthan's at Hippo Lodge (boat dock)
Only a moments hesitation, the boat looks safe.

These hippos are really big!  Slow on land, faster in water.

Native fishermen in their homemade cool!
Identify these birds....

Everyone loved the elephants!

Thanks to Dr. Visick and his telephoto lens we have some good photos of the elephants!

There were at least 32 majestic!

We are headed right into the Hippo community!

This one wants to visit with us!

So they are leaving after all, big waves!
Wait!  Who is driving the boat?!!?      Great time at the Lake!

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  1. Wow..Wild..Wonderful ! What stories you will have to tell. Loved seeing your pictures. Yes, Doug and I and some family were checking out your home front last week in Moab. Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! 107 degrees on the White Rim. We will wait until it is cooler before we check out your home ground again. Love to you all.