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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game Preserve!

Impala's hold very still for the picture:)

The Ostrich wanted out!

Sister and Elder Bowers - Great Humanitarian couple from DR Congo

Monkeys everywhere but you have to look close!
Herd of Impala, loved their color!

Two very cute, inquisitive impala, beautiful color and striped horns!

Kudu, who knew? They are of the antelope family....seemed like a large cow with style!
Check out the stripes and curvy horns.  Our sons would like the goatee action....I liked the soft eyes.

Kudu family - very regal!

We decided to get out of the truck and see if we could find the Zebra and Giraffe that were supposed to be there.  We didn't find them due to the noise made by the road crew, we think.   Sister Louthan and Sister Bowers watch for snakes while Elder Louthan looks off into the trees for bigger wildlife.  A very fun day seeing animals in the wild in Africa.


  1. Oh, I am so jealous! But, since I like to pick nits...your antelope labeled as eland are actually my favorite antelope, the kudu. Hope you get to see giraffe. They were my favorite to see out in the wild...

    1. Kudu! Who knew? Looked it up and you are right! I corrected the mislabeling and can now tell the difference! We'll go back in a few months when they've finished the road building and then I think we'll see the giraffe.